Reapply after dismissal from law school

Not all law students who have been accepted to a law school make it through their 1L year successfully. The first year of law school is extremely demanding and life does not stop outside the law school classroom door. So for a variety of personal, familial, and academic reasons, a number of students find themselves in the painful position of being academically dismissed from law school after either one semester or one year.

If that is your situation, Law School ACEs is ready to counsel you about whether, how, and when to contemplate reapplying to the law school from which you were dismissed or to another law school. We offer confidential professional assessments of the competitiveness of your reapplication at this point and provide expert counseling on how to overcome that initial obstacle and become a successful law school applicant again. More importantly, we will work with you to help you identify the sources of your initial stumbling and possible options open to you to give you a greater chance at succeeding as a law student, should you be admitted to law school again. Check out our Reapply After Dismissal Package.